Erotic massage

Tendency to touch and relax in the pleasant atmosphere and the exchange of positive energy is as old as humanity itself. Throughout history they have developed a variety of relaxation techniques to maintain body and mind in good shape.

In this Asian culture ahead of the rest of the world, because from there derive the most advanced forms of meditation and yoga practice to achieve harmony of body and numerous massage techniques to improve welfare.

Nuad Thai or Thai traditional massage, Shiatzu, Ayurveda, Reiki is just a few massage techniques that have evolved in Asia and today is practiced worldwide. All of these techniques have a similar purpose, namely to achieve maximum relaxation of the body and re-vspostavitev energy balance between the whole body.

Despite the many moral barriers and religious teachings which have been in the history of mankind introduced mainly due to fair belonging to worshipers individual churches, mankind has been preserved in its current form just because of the energy that accompanies us life, we unconsciously emergency search partnership, passing on our genes to offspring, leading us in achieving life goals and often also leads to self-destruction. This thread is a river of all life is the Holy Grail of life which people known as sexual energy.

In the so-called modern world where stress, many of depression and incurable diseases have become our daily life, people are looking for escape and often this also to find and this is the oldest forms of relaxation, meditation, restoring energy centers – chakras to restart the flow of energy and in posluževanju different massage techniques.

Erotic massage is one of the excellent practices “emergency exit”, the upgrading of traditional massage is relaxing at all levels, enhances sensitivity, emotional stability and gives peace of mind. It strengthens the partnership terkrepi self-esteem. It can be a prelude to a sexual act with a partner or just an excellent relaxation in the hands of professional masseuses in the massage parlor. As with other types of massages, including the erotic, there are a number of techniques. A prerequisite for the proper implementation of erotic massage is a basic knowledge of classical massage techniques. Erotic massages, not forgetting the romantic atmosphere with pleasant music, dovoj high temperature area for massage and appropriate basis on which it lies masiranec (s). Also soeterična oil that can be applied to the body masiranca (s) essential for the achievement of the release effect. In any event, however, erotic massage in the hands of professional women with the knowledge of tantric approaches that follow the sequence of erogenous zones and energy points a completely different story as erotic massage at home between the two partners. Yet each of these stories similar positive effects on the body.