Massages for everybody


The most likeable and most frequently chosen massage by our clients in Geisha classics. This massage technique begins with warming a body by using the elements of Asian acupressure and classical massage. This massage then turns into stimulation of erogenous zones with aromatic oils, which leads to complete relaxation of a client.

6030 min
8045-60 min


Invite your partner to experience totally new type of massage in pair. In romantic atmosphere and with the help of massage oil our masseuses will show you the magical charm of erotic massage for couples. This type of massage contributes not only to the better well-being and relaxation, but also deepens partnership ties and mutual understanding of body language. (Please book 1 day in advance)

16045-60 min


As the name implies, it is a type of massage when masseuse has a direct body contact with the body of a client. Aromatic oils contribute to a more sensual sliding of body to body, which leads in the ecstasy of harmony and unforgettable feelings. The masseuse pays attention to each and every part of your body. The main specialty of this massage is a direct exchange of energy, which gives the touch an even more electrified and magical feeling.

7030 min
9045-60 min


Attractive enrichment of our service offers you an option, when two masseuses preform synchronous massage of whole body, starting with a tender caressing, which leads to acupressure, then oil massage which ends with a stronger erotic charge.

12045-60 min