Massage course

Duration of the course requires 5 visits each lasting 2 hours. It can be carried in pairs or individually.We adapt to each student separately according to his availability. The course consists of two parts, namely the classic and erotic part.
On the classical part of the course participants learn the basics of classical massage and massage with oils while the erotic part of the course focuses on learning about the erotic zones, just rub thereof and learning different situations.

  • tečaji za moške
  • tečaji za pare
  • Tečaji za ženske

introduction to erotic massage

In this Asian culture ahead of the rest of the world, because from there derive the most advanced forms of meditation and yoga practice to achieve harmony of body and numerous massage techniques to improve welfare.

A healthy mind in a healthy body

The only planet that boasts the most wonderful creatures of the known universe, where it took billions of years for the development of flora and fauna that are complicated nature of the mechanisms allow mutual balance and the existence of all life, is the planet that we know by name the Earth. Online coincidences, in the harmony of nature, something appeared before the twelfth Homo Sapiens.