A healthy mind in a healthy body

(mens sana in corpore sano)

The only planet that boasts the most wonderful creatures of the known universe, where it took billions of years for the development of flora and fauna that are complicated nature of the mechanisms allow mutual balance and the existence of all life, is the planet that we know by name the Earth. Online coincidences, in the harmony of nature, something appeared before the twelfth Homo Sapiens.

New primate species in the phylum which began to walk on two feet and with his intelligence and abstract thinking began to manage the hotel and this beautiful planet. Unfortunately this type, despite the highly developed intelligence and enormous flexibility in their history is not taught absolutely nothing. Just 100 years, it was necessary that we have the most beautiful planet brought to the point where the dominoes began to fall. Our descendants will watch with disdain to treat local all of comfort to us this beautiful planet once offered and it is only a few generations turned into a septic tank. Drinking water, clean air, unspoiled nature with a rainbow plants and animals will only be a fleeting memory of our future.

Since it began life at the molecular level, will also be changes in our lifestyles and attitudes towards nature and people need to start at the individual level. If we want to survive as a species, it will be necessary to redefine the values, lifestyles, relationships and the negative energy that are in each of us deep down in the genetic material. It is necessary to restore indigenous knowledge that are millennia lived in harmony with nature both materially as well as spiritually.

As you can see from the title, gives you in his verses, wrote the Roman poet Juvenal end of the first century, it shows that already in the period of 2000 years ago sensed a connection with the spiritual life of the material. Much older practice of Asian cultures, Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism show how important is spirituality in everyday life to maintain balance in the body. Why can the Indian Yogis even into old age is easy to maintain vitality and amazing agility. Why is meditation so important to achieve harmony processes in any organism?

The body, which was received at birth is unique and unrepeatable, so it is necessary for him to worry at all levels and throughout all periods of life. Systems that regulate growth, development and cell death in need of quality nutrients and positive energy that is transmitted through the tissue and ensures consistent operation of the entire body. We live a life of speed, stress, daily battle for a better tomorrow, while forgetting the essence of our mission, the time starts counting down from our birth to tiny things that makes us happy, to friends and family that give us inner peace and attitude towards all living and non-living, which we offered conditions that we have ever experienced in a form and time where now we are.

For a better understanding of yourself and look at the bright side of your life, do something for yourself, take your time. Regular physical activity, practicing one of the many yoga techniques, meditation, relaxation of the body with many sorts of massages and healthy diet is a prerequisite for the achievement of harmony and positive energy in your body.

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